Ruud All Over , installation @ MEDIAMATIC,Amsterdam , October 31 ,2015-Januari 24 2016


 press release

Ruud All Over

Ruud van der Peijl 2000— 2015


We have all seen the work of stylist, photographer and artist Ruud van der Peijl. Not everyone knows his name, but for the past 20 years he has been a continuous presence in Dutch fashion, communications and art.


Van der Peijl's multifaceted body of work sets itself apart because his models are always presented as strong individuals. This applies not only to his editorial work, but also his free and commercial work. Ruud's work is, of course, about beauty and style, but he also expressly addresses issues such as identity, gender and sexuality. He does this in a way which is in balance with his characters. In this way, he can address all that is human, without ever becoming vulgar. Sometimes he shows things that citizens might feel ashamed about, but never in a shaming way. His subjects' powerful dignity is the strongest constant in his oeuvre.


We present an overview of over 200 images in the place where they belong: in the middle of the city, in public advertising spaces. This is the most natural environment for Van der Peijl's work.


We have photographed 650 MUPIs and ABRIs and edited Ruud's work into them.


Ideally we would rent all the advertising spaces in order to present the work there. Not as a campaign for a museum exhibition. But as an exhibition which is its own campaign.


For now, we will limit ourselves to life size projection at our own location which, for the occasion, will be accessible by bicycle. (No scooters or (light) mopeds.)



The work will be projected in the Sluisdeurenloods. The Sluisdeurenloods is Mediamatic's new exhibition space at Dijkspark. This monumental wooden warehouse was built in the 1980s for the construction of Amsterdam's sluice doors. The warehouse was listed for demolition but is now being restored by Mediamatic as part of the development of Biotoop Dijkspark.


Address: Mediamatic, Dijksgracht 6, 1019BS Amsterdam

Opening hours: daily from 17 — 20 hrs.

1 November 2015 — 24 January 2016

OPENING 31 October 2015, 17 — 18 hrs.